Downbeat Award!

Student Downbeat awards
The North Sea just won an outstanding composition award from Downbeat Magazine! Feeling super honoured to get an award from such an important magazine!

Big thanks to my sextet who recorded the tune, everyone who has played through various versions of it or helped me workshop it, my teacher Ed Partyka and downbeat magazine!

It’s the first track on my upcoming album Dialekt and you can check it out here or on my Bandcamp.

This is the first track from our new Album Dialekt which will be released next month on Bandcamp and soon after on Apple music/Spotify as well.


Huge congratulations/shout out to the other winners from KUG too!

more here

Kug News


Demo Sessions

Spent sometime at the TUgraz recording studio last week with Hrvoje Kralj and Jan Samson Krizanic-Nessmann!

Here is the first of the tunes we recorded! I wrote this one while thinking about comparisons between Finland and the Canadian Province of Manitoba. Both places are known for having lots of lakes and similar nature but each with their own set of problems. The goal with this piece was to capture the tension between humans and the environment inherent in each place through two contrasting themes that share some common rhythmic ground!

Orpheum Graz!

Wednesday October 28th!
We are playing our debut concert as the Dialect Sextet! It’s a super huge opportunity to play music at all in these strange times but luckily we have been invited to play at Orpheum Graz! It’s a relatively large room so there is plenting of space to distance from eachother. That being said of course tickets are somewhat more limited than normal!
Check the link for tickets & more info!

Derek Plunkie’s Dialect @ Orpheum Graz

New music in the works

Spent the last 3 days at Audiotope Studios with my new project, my “Dialect Sextet”, recording some new music! We recorded a full length album (45 minutes or so) that we are now in the process of mixing. Featuring mostly new music that i’ve written since moving to Graz, along with two arrangements of old original tunes I was lucky to have some killer players to realize it: Jan Lovšin on Trumpet, Alana Macpherson on Alto, Florian Supancic on Tenor, Hrvoje Kralj on Bass, and Jan Krizanic on Drumset!

ISJAC International Jazz Composer’s Symposium

After a super inspiring weekend I’m back from the 2019 International Jazz Composer’s Symposium. There were so many beautiful performances and thought provoking lectures but the best part was just getting to meet so many other wonderful composers. I’m back home now but I’m really excited to see what all of my new friends abroad continue to create!

Moose Farm Studios

New Recordings with the Rule of Thirds in the mixing process!

In February with my Trio, The Rule of Thirds, we recording about 40 minutes of original music and we hope to release it to the world this summer!

Check out for a preview listen to the track Birch